Duraflue Fitting Packs FP2-45/500: Chimney Liner ALL YOU NEED FITTING PACK: 4" stove to 5" liner with 500mm black pipe & 2 x 45 degree elbows, cowl, adaptor, webbing, cement, data plate, nose cone, sealing plate. Liner not included.
Duraflue Fitting Packs Includes Duraflue Stainless Cowl 15 year guarantee Chimney liner ALL YOU NEED FITTING PACK FP2: 4" to 5" with 500mm black pipe & 2 x 45 degree elbows


FP2-45/500: Chimney liner "all you need fitting pack": 4" stove to 5" liner with 500mm black pipe & 2 x 45 degree elbows, cowl, adaptor, webbing, cement, data plate, nose cone, sealing plate.

All you need in one pack to fit your liner. Does not include liner. Includes stainless cowl, vitreous pipe 1x 4-5" adaptor and 2x elbows and 1x 500mm, stainless adaptor, nose cone, sealing plate, data plate, fireproof webbing.

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Fitting packs contain a stainless steel chimney cowl PLUS everything you need to get from your stove (A) to your flue liner (B) with the exception of your closure plate. For a closure plate we recommend a sheet of Hardibacker 12mm board (available at many good DIY stores.

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5" 500mm black (vitreous) pipe
4-5" vitreous adaptor
2x 45 degree elbows 5"
Snub nose adaptor (connects liner to black pipe)
Pot hanging cowl (connects liner to chimney pot)
Data plate (informational, a requirement of building regulations)
9" square sealing plate (to cosmetically seal vitreous pipe to closure plate)
Nose cone (to drag liner down chimney)
Fire cement (sealing joins and fire brick cracks)
Fireproof webbing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews
Edward Kenna
Solid ,helpful service and advice

Born 1944,independent,always aware of costs and trained to shop around for the best price as well as serving a five year engineering apprenticeship I decided to install a multifuel stove in my home due to the rising costs and the problems with the world energy crises.I subsequently approached many traders on the internet and some in person but found a certain reluctance to offer meaningful help to those willing to self install but to have it verified by registered traders
However that perception changed when I came across the website of Stovefitters Warehouse Uoon reviewing the really excellent written advice offered by the proprietor , I realised that here was a man of the tools willing and able to give really good advice and to help If help was needed. I purchased the necessary equipment direct from the warehouse but found no pushiness just afeeling that help was uppermost and whatsmore it would be there if needed after sale.A slight oversight was remedied without any stress whatsoever within two days .I just followed their easy to follow rules.I found the whole experience
A pleasant surprise after dealing on behalf of consumers with traders who were not so helpful or honest after a 40 or so years experience in my second career as a Trading StandArds Officer.Edward Kenna 18323

Russell Miller
Firewire Wood Burning Stove 5kW 18140

Lovely fire, had it for about a month now heats up the bungalow really well nice to sit down and have a glass of wine and be mesmerised by the flames…

Kel Harvey
Good Tackle, Good Service

Prompt responses and unprompted mis-order (on my part) corrections prior to despatch, saved me money and grief in the long run. My stove is now up and running and bedding in quite nicely, just in time for the next wave of Arctic weather next week. I’ll be using Stovefitter’s Warehouse again for my next project, whatever it might be. I’ve got a large garden studio workshop where I intend to fit a wood stove, so that might well be the one!

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