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All you need to install a chimney liner (in one pack) with finest grade materials from Duraflue our supplier of choice. Liner not included in pack, purchase separately. Not sure which to choose? Click INFOGRAPHICS link below and read What else do I need besides liner and stove? This link and infographic is also accessible from any Fitting Pack page.

What does the code mean?

FP1 = Fitting Pack 1 (no elbows in this pack so just your popular straight black pipe).
FP2 = Fitting Pack 2 (same as pack 1 but with two extra elbows to move the stove out into the recess by approx. 4")

55/500 = this kit  fits a 5" stove and is suitable for a 5" liner/the black pipe is 500mm long
56/1000 = this kit  fits a 5" stove and is suitable for a 6" liner/the black pipe is 1000mm long

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Find your perfect stove

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Find your perfect stove

First you need to work out what size of stove you require, Bear in mind that a 5kW stove can burn from 0kW all the way to 5kW depending on fuel load. Try our gizmo via the link below.

We also have a gizmo to assist you find your perfect stove (once you know the output you require).