Saltfire Stoves

Where are Saltfire Stoves based?

Saltfire Stoves are based near Poole in Dorset.

Are Saltfire Stoves made of steel or cast-iron?

The company supply stoves in both materials. The Peanut Stoves are all cast-iron as are the Ekol Crystal's. Most other models are steel with a cast-iron door.

What price point are Saltfire Stoves and what's so special?

Saltfire Stoves are mid-priced in the market. The Peanut range of contemporary cast-iron stoves are both innovative and bold and were the best selling stoves of 2021 and 2022. Cast iron and contemporary - we love it! We particularly like what we call the "turbo" feature: add new logs to a fire that has almost gone out, open up the air controls and watch those new logs ignite. No more stressing because the fire burned down too far. Great feature. The ST-X range are tough multitudes workhorses that look like they will last forever.

Is it easy to buy spares for Saltfire Stoves?

Absolutely yes. Saltfire are exceptional in this regards and even have their own bespoke glass manufacturing brand.

Do Saltfire Stoves provide good customer service?

The company provides exceptional customer. Ten out of ten.

How long have you been selling Saltfire Stoves?

We have dealt with Saltfire since 2013, one of the first companies we worked with when Stovefitter's was established. Any other thoughts about Saltfire Stoves? "Ross, the owner of Saltfire Stoves, is one of the most intelligent people in the stoves industry today. If I need to know something I call him. A really great and honest company." Julian Patrick, author of The Stovefitter's Manual.

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Find your perfect stove

First you need to work out what size of stove you require, Bear in mind that a 5kW stove can burn from 0kW all the way to 5kW depending on fuel load. Try our gizmo via the link below.

We also have a gizmo to assist you find your perfect stove (once you know the output you require).