904 316 Chimney flue liner Silvacore 5" 6" German Engineered

Sold by the metre (order qty 8 and you get an 8 metre length). Duraflue liner was always Julian's choice whilst installing. Premium liner created on a German-engineered machine. Do it once, do it good.

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Silvacore 904 and 316 chimney liner is created on a German-made machine imported to the UK. Only two brands are made on this beautifully-engineered machine and one of the two brands is Silvacore (the other is Duraflue).

"I have Silvacore 904 chimney liner in my chimney" (Julian Patrick, author of The Stovefitter's Manual). Silvacore chimney liner can be fed into the chimney in any directions (some other liners must be a certain direction).

Chimney liner can be cut with heavy duty tin snips, hacksaw or 1mm thick grinder/cutting disc.

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    Example: Qty 5 means a 5 metre length. Name delivery day at checkout. FREE delivery most of UK if spend over £500 - see footer.

Example: Qty 5 means a 5 metre length. Name delivery day at checkout. FREE delivery most of UK if spend over £500 - see footer.

Leadtime: 3 days

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"I supplied 904 chimney liner when I was installing and it is what I have in my own chimney"

Julian Patrick, site owner and author of The Stovefitter's Manual.

Chimney liner usage & guarantee

316 grade chimney liner

Suitable for wood-only fuel use, light use. The 316 chimney liner has an inner core of 316 grade stainless.
(15 years guarantee*).

904 grade chimney liner (our most popular grade)

Our most popular liner for wood burning and multifuel stoves. Suitable for all stoves, wood or smokeless fuel, light to medium use. The 904 chimney liner has an inner core of 904 grade stainless.
(30 years guarantee*).

W3G grade chimney liner


Important notes:

As is the norm with chimney-liner manufacturers, chimney liner CANNOT be returned as this is a customised cut-to-length item direct from manufacturer on your behalf. Please measure and choose carefully.

Slumbering a stove or "banking it up" overnight can shorten the life of the liner. This is because the bad stuff in the gases is not burned off and condenses within the liner. Slumbering is bad for liner, cowl and the environment. Don't do it. Do not mix wood with coal or smokeless fuel (moisture in wood reacts and creates Sulphuric acid). If you insist on slumbering you must choose W3G.

What else do I need besides chimney liner?

Designation codes for chimney liner

316 grade chimney liner

EN 1856-2 T200 P1 W V2 L50010 O & EN 1856-2 T600 N1 D V2 L50010G

904 grade chimney liner

EN 1856-2 T200 P1 W V2 L70010 O & EN 1856-2 T600 N1 D V2 L70010G

W3G grade chimney liner

EN 1856-2 T200 P1 W V2 L70010 O & EN 1856-2 T600 N1 D V2 L70010G

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Customer Reviews

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Chris K
What do I do ?

So your looking for a stove, and you are overwhelmed with stove hell and Chinese imports. It’s a investment and you want something that will last!

I came across the guidelines on the stovefitters site it’s all good honest information that’s easy to follow and stoves that only meet the mark.

I fitted my stove and flu myself as a competent person and follow the guidelines on this site, yes I got the council involved and followed building control it’s all good.
The items purchased from stove fitters are of high quality the flue is super solid you get what you pay for, all in all it’s a one stop shop for quality items and information.

Great service 10/10

neal Richards
stovefitters and the ivar 5 review

Hello ,bought an dik gueerts ivar 5 from stovefitters warehouse.
Excellent service from stovefitters with helpful advice and info in the pre order stage.All the products arrived on schedule in good order.Everything fitted together well.The baffle plate seemed a little damaged and bent somehow but stovefitters sent out a new baffle plate straightaway with no fuss or charge.
Excellent after service where i needed help re smoke entering room and with helpful advice problem rectified straightaway,by opening door more slowly.

Will definitely order through stovefitters again and stove is working very well

Warm regards Neal Richards

Andrew Brown
Andrew’s review

Great product and good quality

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