Coloured wood burning stoves

Any colour you like as long as it's black? Not any more. These stoves are available in a variety of colours to special order.

Hamlet: Full stove colouring available.
Ekol & Saltfire: Stove doors only.

Note that adding a colour does mean "factory ordered" so there will be a time delay - anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or more in the darkest depths of winter. Please contact us to be sure.

Stoves are sprayed with a matt paint finish (not enamel as used to happen in the past). A key advantage of this method is that you can spray the stove to keep it "fresh" or to touch up marks at any stage via a spray can from the manufacturer.

If you desire the pipe to be the same colour as the stove you will have to purchase a can from the manufacturer and spray it yourself (or get your installer to d this). It really is a very simple and easy task. But not in the house please - unless you live alone.

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Find your perfect stove

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Find your perfect stove

First you need to work out what size of stove you require, Bear in mind that a 5kW stove can burn from 0kW all the way to 5kW depending on fuel load. Try our gizmo via the link below.

We also have a gizmo to assist you find your perfect stove (once you know the output you require).