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What size logburner for my room?

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DG Ivar 5. Is it the best wood stove?

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Chinese wood burners – should I buy one?

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Just tell me what materials to buy please

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The Stovefitter's Manual - choose and fit a wood burning stove

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Infographic: What is a chimney liner and do I need it?

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Can I have a wood burning stove if I have no chimney?

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Chimney design: add your property details

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Can I fit a 5" chimney liner?

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Chimney stack ends in loft (somebody took it down)

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Can I fit my own wood burning stove?

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Besides chimney liner what do I need?

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Output Calculator

To find out which size Stove is best for your room simply input the room mesurements below in meters and we will show you what output you need.




Calculate the output

Poor Insulation = kW

Assuming poor insulation or large single glazed windows your room requires approx. kW of heat.

Average Insulation = kW

Assuming average insulation and standard-size windows your room requires approx. kW of heat.

Very Good Insulation = kW

Assuming very good insulation and double glazing your room requires approx. kW of heat.

*If the calculator suggests 3 or 4kW, do not be afraid to choose a slightly larger 5kW stove. If 6 or 7kW is suggested do not be afraid to choose an 8kW stove. You can always reduce the output by burning a little less fuel or adjusting controls so rare to have a stove that is too large.


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