Small wood burning stoves (under 45cm wide)

We are proud to present our collection of small (under 40cm wide) wood burning stoves for sale. These logburners are perfect for the smaller space and a popular addition to a petite room, shed, boat, shack etc.

Most small stoves are 3-4kW output although a narrower 5kW stove may sneak into this category.

If you need a clip-together chimney for your smaller space (shed, shack or boat) check out our shed chimney kits.

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Find your perfect stove

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Find your perfect stove

First you need to work out what size of stove you require, Bear in mind that a 5kW stove can burn from 0kW all the way to 5kW depending on fuel load. Try our gizmo via the link below.

We also have a gizmo to assist you find your perfect stove (once you know the output you require).