Salamander Hobbit Stove SE Multifuel Wood Burning Stove 4kW ECODESIGN VARIANT

The most famous small cast-iron stove on the market.

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We are closed 3rd June to 7th June for Warehouse break. Live Chat and telephone all still operating. Orders will still be recorded and the delivery calendar at checkout was been amended.

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The Salamander Hobbit stove is a a very cute 4kW multifuel wood stove and very well known in the stove industry. Due to its petite proportions the Hobbit stove is perfect for the smaller space and for this reason is fitted in many a cosy canal boat, van or caravan. The Salamander Hobbit stove does snugs and sheds and small rooms just as well.

Salamander Hobbit Stove Details:

  • Cast iron (heavy and tough)
  • Easy to use controls
  • Airwash for clear glass
  • Ecodesign and Defra approved
  • 4kW multifuel

The Hobbit wood burning stove's optional shields greatly reduce the distances that your Hobbit can be placed next to combustible or non-combustible surfaces. If your Hobbit stove is equipped with this heatshield option, then this cute, small wood burner can be placed 150mm away from combustible materials at the sides of the stove, and 100mm away from combustible materials at the back of the stove.

Please note that we do not offer coloured doors etc. You may see Salamander Hobbit Stove's in different colours and it is as easy as buying stove spray online and spraying your own.

"The Salamander Hobbit is probably the most famous small stove on the market today"

Julian Patrick, site owner and author of The Stovefitter's Manual.

The Hobbit stove by Salamander

The Salamander Hobbit small log burner (also burns smokeless fuel) is a traditional, petite cast-iron stove and probably the most famous small, multifuel stove on the market. During late 2015 the Salamander Hobbit was featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, thus causing a sales spike and a prolonged national Hobbit shortage. The small stove community still speak of this shortage today and many within that community are still undergoing counselling.

Salamander Stoves, in Devon, manufacture the Hobbit stove (they are a nice couple, Gillian and Mark, slightly eccentric but harmless). Hobbitting is pretty much all they do but they sell a lot of the little rascals. No wonder they know what they are doing. Niche marketing at its finest. A proper Hobbit and small stove obsession.

The Salamander Hobbit is the perfect small wood-burning and multifuel stove for sheds, cabins, snugs, yurts, home offices, boats, caravans, vans, conservatories or any small room.

The micro Hobbit stove is a cast-iron classic and has long been a favourite. Over the years we have sold hundreds and have many happy customers.

An optional logstore is available and gives your Salamander Hobbit a better view of your room and you - and this can easily be retrofitted. Other options include brass fittings, extended hotplate, rear and side heatshields, coal bars to prevent coal falling when the door is opened, a side boiler, silver gallery rail, stainless steel cooktop, rear flue wedge, direct air intake, and more. Phew... Hobbits love to be dressed up this way.

Salamander have stopped offering coloured stoves which is a shame (they will spray doors only but we feel this is a little half hearted so are not offering). However - it is super easy to spray a stove any colour using stove or BBQ paint - Google can assist with the research.

You will likely need to purchase a 4-5" vitreous adaptor to connect to a 5" stove pipe* (you will see this option higher up this page).

*We do not sell 4" stove pipe as sweeps do not like the narrow diameter and it more easily clogs with soot. Please do not suffocate your Hobbit.

Inside the Salamander Hobbit

Multifuel as standard.

Salamander Hobbit Range cooker

The Salamander Hobbit Range is for those who also need an oven. Let one of our customers tell you more...

"I bought the hobbit range stove for my off grid cabin build to use for both heating and cooking (on the recommendation of a chimney fitter who laughed at my grand plan to put in a big old Aga...) It cost almost as much as the entire rest of the cabin but am really glad I invested in it, it's a super little stove perfect for tiny homes and shepherds huts etc. I was worried about how well a shorter chimney would draw with it but I've had no problems at all so far. Its easy to light and clean and very much looks the part. Loved that it came with a matching cooking pot and grill pan and fire tools too, wasn't expecting that. It's really compact and came assembled so we managed to get it in and installed quickly and easily as well. Make sure you chop your firewood quite small though the fire compartment is tiny!" Charlotte

Dimensions, specifications & manual: Salamander Hobbit

You can find more dimensions by scrolling left or right using the main image at the top of the page.


Nominal heat output4.1kW
Total net energy efficiency - Wood79.4%
Total net energy efficiency - Manufactured smokeless fuel81.4%
Seasonal efficiency69.4%
Energy efficiency classA
Energy efficiency index (%)105
Can go on 12mm hearthYes

Flue outlet100mm (4")
Distance from rear of stove to the centre of the top flue exit115mm
Distance from floor to the centre of the rear flue exit373mm
Height (excluding stove collar)460mm
Height (including stove collar)465mm
Max log size (will take a larger log but this is the optimum length for stacking)200mm (8")
Window Dimensions180mm x 155mm

Distance to combustible materials

Distance to combustible materials (with stove heat shields)

More ways to reduce combustibles on the Hobbit here

Hobbit videos

Julian's 2013 review of the Salamander Hobbit

Welcome to the world of Hobbits!

One of my favourite small stoves is the cast iron 4kw Hobbit, by Salamander Stoves at approx. £500. Salamander are a small family company based in Devon and their cast iron Hobbit stove really is a nice looking small stove with bucketloads of character.

The Hobbit is DEFRA approved so can burn wood in a smoke control area and can be fitted to a 5″ chimney liner or flue (making lining a chimney much easier than for a 6″).

A log store (plinth) is also available.

This small wood burner actually throws out a very respectable 4kw of heat and this is often sufficient for a small British lounge and certainly plenty for smaller spaces such as canal boats, snugs, offices, holiday homes etc.

The Hobbit is only 30cm wide, this making it an ideal choice for small fireplace recesses (can be fitted into a 40cm wide recess).

The Hobbit is also available with a boiler. It has a 4″ collar so my recommendation is that a 4-5″ vitreous adaptor is fitted so that a 5″ vitreous pipe can be fitted (easier to sweep than a 4″ flue pipe).

As with any of the smaller stoves the firebox is quite small and so you will have to chop your logs a little smaller than for larger stoves. Four or five smaller logs will throw out a lot more heat than one larger log.

Quality is spot on and I have never (as of updating this Aug 2014) had a faulty Hobbit reported – and I sell a lot of Hobbits

Very small log burners are the perfect choice for small fireplace recesses or small spaces such as sheds, offices, snugs, boats, caravans, yurts etc.

Customer Reviews

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Easy Ordering

Website is very modern and easy to navigate. Stovefitter's Warehouse made is easy for me to choose my log burner as I was able to set different filters based on my needs. When assessing each of the options, they had detail product information which helped me make a good decision. Ordering was easy and expected delivery time was 3 days. Once I had ordered I received regular updates on when it would be delivered on what day and time - Stovefitter's Warehouse as promised delivered the product in 3 days. They took care with delivery and was super friendly. I would buy from Stovefitter's Warehouse again due (1) Easy website (2) cheapest log burners on the market (3) delivery was fast.

Thank you :)

Ross Trowbridge
Stunning looking and excellent heat

A good looking stove that was easy to install and level. Looks the part, heats up quick. Seems to be very good quality overall and no hiccups whatsoever. Very impressed and would buy again. Needed something compact to sit within an existing feature fireplace surround.

JK - Ceredigion
Knowledge, helpful, charming… and extremely competitive!

I wanted a Salamander Hobbit Stove and chimney liner. I ordered these over the telephone from Stovefitters Warehouse. The staff were knowledgeable, helpful and charming. The order was fulfilled in time and just as importantly the price was extremely competitive. I have no hesitation in recommending Stovefitters Warehouse. Indeed, I will use them again since I will need to fit two stoves over the next few months.

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