Windkat anti-downdraft anti-wind cowl Duraflue DTW

The ultimate cowl but heavy and expensive.

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Cowl for exposed chimneys or turbulent conditions. Fits liners or clip-together twin wall.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best cowl regardless of cost

My new DG Ivar 5 installation was performing well with good draw even though the liner length is only 4m because we live in a bungalow. I had an expensive MAD anti-downdraft cowl, no cheapskating and to be fair it eliminated downdraft in all weathers.

A problem became apparent which was by fumes bouncing off the lid of the cowl in cold weather and being driven down the roof tiles to street level causing a nuisance to my complaining neighbour. I was going to fit a spinning cowl but they are only rated to 250°C and they seize up needing regular maintenance. I'd shortlisted a weather vane type cowl but then came across the WindKat and I was skeptical until I read the many rave reviews (which seemed genuine) so I thought I'd give one a try.

Because I wanted it in black it was sent direct from the manufacturer in Germany which caused a several week delay, so imagine my disappointment when it arrived in silver! The mistake was quickly rectified and I'm glad I held out another few days.

From the initial lighting it was obviously in a class if it's own. Better draw even from cold and smoke was rising like it was supposed to, no doubt helped that the outlet was now a foot higher. I think there's strong vortexes caused by solar panels on the other side of the roof and the chimney pot ended up having to be set lower than I wanted. Windkat has solved the problems, I'm so happy!

Ivar 5 owners have noticed a tendency for it to flame out when opening the door quickly and mine was the same - but not any more. Fires have a steady even burn especially when slumbering, so it's really enhanced my stove's performance, not that I thought it could be improved. The main objective that fumes not be smelled on the street is accomplished! Cheers Klaus! (that's the WindKat designer)

P.S. I used 2mm aluminum strips that I pop riveted to hold the cowl plug-in down to the pot. The cowl itself doesn't need any positive fixing. When pressed down it's a one way process and it's not going anywhere.

Steven Lond-Caulk
Windkat anti-downdraft anti-wind cowl

Purchased the above for new installation. Product is off very good quality and fast delivery

Steven Mason
Great company

I ordered a twin wall flue setup and utilised the free design service. Great quality kit, well packaged. Fits together really well. The folks at this company are very helpful, would definitely recommend. Thanks for your help Stovefitters.

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