Duraflue DTW 90 degree T (requires soot collection door): 5", 6", Silver, Black.

Attaches to rear of stove. Do not extend away from stove horizontally - smokes does not travel this way very easily.

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Attaches to the rear of a stove using a twin wall adaptor. On the bottom goes a soot collection door, on the top any straight or elbow. Off the top of a stove is always best though. 

This is a twin wall clip-together chimney part used to build a new chimney. Twin wall clip-together chimney can be as close as 5cm to combustible materials (7cm if passing through a sealed void). No glue or sealants required.

When we say 5” or 6” we speak of internal diameter: outer diameter is 7.5” and 8.5” (192mm and 217mm).

Detailed technical info see footer of website.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 230 reviews
Timothy Parrott
The Change of Plan

I initially hoped that the flue would run vertically from the fire but due to my miscalculation of the roof overhang, a bend would be required. I contacted Stovefitter's and discussed my requirements. A new plan was agreed and I received the new pipes within a couple of days and completed the installation.
This installation is the second I've undertaken and cannot speak highly enough for the service Stovefitter's provide. I am now planning a third installation and would not consider using anyone else.
Tim Parrott

Frank Mumby
Simply the best

Have had two orders from stove fitters ware house and also a personal plan for installation. All products supplied were top quality and so easy to fit. Twinwall went together like a glove. One piece had to be returned and was exchanged by next day delivery and collection. Ten out of ten for all. Cannot recommend highly enough. Will certainly use stove fitters again if needed.

Andrew Hardwick
Twin wall for extension

I would Recommend Stovefitters warehouse, overall very straightforward process, Ray is friendly and the design system works well. Also worth mentioning that he was right and I was wrong when I thought lower height would be Ok so I do now have almost 2m out of a pitched roof near main house. My only gripe is that I should have had a final xtra wide locking band on the last join (I have one on the first ext joint) I’ll find out how strong it is when the storm hits this pm. very good quality this Duraflue

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