DURAFLUE Materials misc Vitreous/adaptor fireproof webbing PER METRE for sealing flue joints (stove and adaptor connections)

Fireproof webbing 2m for sealing where pipe enters stove or where adaptor enters pipe

Used to connect any adaptor or pipe to a stove. Also used to connect adaptor to chimney liner. Much neater and less fuss than fire cement.

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Wrap around tapered end of vitreous pipe before inserting vitreous pipe into stove (does away with fire cement which tends to dry very brittle and fails easily)

Wrap around snout of twin wall parts where they are designed to go into the stove or into vitreous pipe.

Wrap around stub-nose adaptor where adaptor slides into vitreous pipe (this adaptor connects vitreous pipe to liner). Top end of same adaptor use fire cement.

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Matt O'Donz
Easy site to use. Easy ordering

The site was easy to use and straight forward ordering the part I needed. It was delivered on time and quickly. I had updates on email to check status.


Great! Arrived promptly and perfect for the job. Thanks!

Jordan Bridges
Quality product fast delivery wold reccamend.

Quality products fast delivery will use again for next Log burner.

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